Emergency Procedures

Eddington Cottage, Point Lonsdale

Emergency Procedures and Evacuation Plan


Eddington Cottage access doors are deadlocked as a security measure that is necessary given it is often vacant.

You will be given a key for your arrival; there is a second key on the kitchen bench, plus two garage remotes.

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that when you are inside the building you leave one key in the doorway to the outdoor patio area, and one key with garage remote attached in the internal doorway to the garage.

This will allow for quick egress in the event of an emergency, from either end of the house.

Fire Safety Measures

  • A fire blanket is located in the kitchen.
  • A fire extinguisher is located in the laundry.

Please familiarise yourself with these two locations.

Please read the enclosed Point Lonsdale Community Information Guide:

  • NOTE the advice for bushfire survival. Click here to download “Fire Ready” document.
  • NOTE the contact numbers in the event of a bushfire or emergency
    • Fire / Police / Ambulance   – call 000 (triple zero)
    • Victorian Bushfire Contact Information  – call 1800 240 667

Emergency contact numbers for other services are listed on the noticeboard in the kitchen.

 Your safety is paramount.

 On arrival, please familiarise yourself with the building exits, emergency contact numbers and location of fire extinguisher and fire blanket.


In the event of any fire and/or safety emergency you must advise the Diocese as soon as possible

by phoning 03 5443 4711 (business hours) or 0429 263 888 (after hours)