History of Eddington Cottage

Eddington Cottage was left to the Diocese of St Arnaud (now the Diocese of Bendigo) in 1935 through a Trust created in the Will of Caroline Eleanor Eddington, for the purposes of providing Anglican clergy affordable opportunities for holiday, rest, recreation and restoration of health, in the following order of priority;

  1. Ordained members of the Anglican Church of Australia and their families
  2. Holders of lay office in the Anglican Church of Australia and their families
  3. Active parishioners of the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo and their families, that is any person on the parish roll of a parish of the Diocese

In 2013 the Supreme Court granted leave allowing the Diocese of Bendigo to demolish the original building and subdivide the land.  Using the proceeds of the sale of Lot 2 on the Plan of Subdivision, the Diocese was able to erect a new holiday residence on Lot 1 in accordance with the Plans submitted to the Court, including fit out and furnishings.  The terms of use of the new residence remain bound by the original terms of the Will of Miss Eddington, as above.

The new Eddington Cottage was officially opened in 2015.   The Official Dedication can be viewed here



The original Eddington cottage 





Original Eddington cottage coming down (July 2013)









Constructing the new Eddington cottage






The new Eddington cottage completed (June 2014)